Chemistry of Excellence

Waldies Compound Limited is an ISO – 9001, ISO – 14001 and OHSAS – 18001 accredited company with the invention of chloroform in 1813. A Scotsman, He came to India from his native town of Linlithgow earlier that year.

The Company produced various chemicals including Red Lead, a pigment previously not made on the India Subcontinent.

With over a century of experience behind it, Waldies has pioneered the chemical industry, being the first in india to introduce the manufacture of pigments on a large scale. It is a matter of great pride that the Company's Grifffin brand is the most prestigious in the industry.

With a factory located on the bank of the Ganger river, about 14km from Calcutta,
Waldies is considered the pivot for Indian companies requiring Red Lead and PVC Stabilizers.

This is all due to the dedication and strategic vision of a group of professionals governed by a chain of unwavering values whose utmost priority is excellence.

Products of Waldies’ Grffin brand conform to stringent standards and specifications and represent consistent high – quality control measures, Waldies enjoys tremendous goodwill in its field of operations.